Instagram to allow users to add multiple photos and videos in a single post

Users can now create a more complete summary of an experience by adding up to 10 photos and videos to a single post.


There was a time when Instagram had a reputation for being all style over substance. Users would take multiple photos of a sunset selfie, for instance, apply a fancy filter to the best shot and then upload their perfectly crafted work of art for the world to see.

But the pendulum is beginning to swing the other way, and users can now create posts of genuine substance. To be more specific, Instagram has decided to allow its users to share multiple photos and videos in one post.

Users no longer have to choose just one shot to sum up an experience; they can now tell their story from start to finish with as many as 10 shots and videos that do full justice to their experience (these posts are permanent, unlike Stories).

Its uses are endless, with Instagram suggesting on their blog: “Share your favorite moments of your best friend’s surprise birthday party, from setting up to when they walk through the door. Or create a step-by-step cake recipe that people can always find on your profile.”

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When uploading to their feed, users will see a new icon which will enable them to select multiple photos and video clips. Shots can be edited in one go or separately, and users can tap-and-hold to change the order their media appears in the post.

Business users

What does this mean for the five million brands with business profiles on the app?

Marketers have had access to a similar carousel feature since 2015 (though videos were only added last year), but this now gives them the option to create more rounded stories in organic posts.

Product launches and events can now be shared with audiences in a more compelling, comprehensive fashion. Not only that, but brands now also having the option of telling stories that do greater justice to their products than they could previously muster in a single shot.

The possibilities are intriguing.

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