How Instagram Drafts could transform your marketing

Instagram has rolled out its new Drafts function to all its 500 million users. But what does it mean for the way your business uses the photo-sharing platform?

    Instagram rolled out Instagram Drafts to all 500 million of its users in late 2016. For a social media platform that thrives on immediacy, this heralded a change in thinking.

    But what is the Drafts function? And what does it mean for those of us who use the photo-sharing platform for marketing?

    Grafting and drafting…

    Before Drafts, editing Instagram content was something of a one-way process. The app wouldn’t save pictures while you were halfway through editing, filtering or adding effects. Your options were to complete the edit in one go and publish, or lose your changes for good.

    Well, no longer. It’s been a long time coming, but finally the option to save a draft for publishing your images at a later date has been deployed.

    Now you can edit to your heart’s content and hit the back button to reveal the Save Draft option. There’s now a Drafts folder in your Library with all the pics awaiting publishing or further edits. It gives you more control over your posts and all the freedom you need to tinker until perfect.

    Why enable drafting?

    Instagram’s drafting facility comes hot on the heels of Instagram Stories, which with its transient picture uploading kept separate from your main Instagram profile, shows the company muscling squarely into the territory of Snapchat, their nearest rival.

    With that in mind, the draft feature also strengthens Instagram’s position as the discerning selfie-snapper’s social media site of choice.

    What do Instagram Drafts mean for your business?

    For businesses using Instagram to promote their products and services, it’s obviously important to make sure your photos cut through and make an impact with your audience as they scroll through their timelines.

    Now you have as long as you need to tweak your photos until perfect; to utilise those filters and editing tools for truly stunning snaps.

    The other benefit of Instagram Drafts is scheduling. If you’re a busy Social Media Manager this single feature is likely make your day, every day, for weeks.

    Previously, if you wanted to publish a photo at a certain time you would have to create the photo at the exact time you wanted to post it. Now you can pre-edit as many photos as you wish. Then when it’s time to publish them, you simply open the app, scoot to your drafts folder and do the business.

    Targeted marketing

    If you’re feeling extra savvy you can create content around real-world events to publish later.

    Example: you run digital marketing for a large department store. You’ve got a big launch weekend coming up for a new range of summer clothing, but the weather forecast is changeable. With Drafts, you could prepare one Instagram image of those snazzy new shorts and flip-flops, and another for that stylish new raincoat you’re releasing.

    When you open your curtains on Saturday morning to blazing sunshine, you’ll have an Instagram image all ready to go. And if the weather did happen to take a turn for the worse later in the day, you’ve got pre-prepared creative for that eventuality too. Either way, your channel will look current and will position your company as responsive and engaged.

    With a bit of thought and careful planning, Instagram Drafts could become your blueprint for success.

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