Instagram Adds a Powerful New Marketing Feature

Instagram has added a new feature, 'Photos of You', which gives users the ability to tag other Instagram users in photos. It should be a big hit with...

Instagram has added a great new feature – the ability to tag Instagram users in photos. ‘Photos of You’ is going to be a big hit with marketeers. Here’s why…

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‘Photos of You’ rolled out to all users immediately after the announcement on the 2nd of May. It is a similar set up to Facebook tagging, but you can only tag your own photos, and the tagged user will receive a notification to say they’ve been added to a photo. This allows more control over tagging than is currently available on Facebook – where you can tag any photo you come across (whether it is published or not depends if the user has first to approve tags).

Currently users can see who is tagged in a single photo, but in individual profiles the section ‘Photos of You’ – which lists where you are tagged – is private and viewable by the user only, until the 16th May. Instagram says this is to allow people to ‘get familiar’ with the new feature before it goes public. Users can also control where they are tagged by choosing to manually approve tags.


For businesses and their social media marketing this a powerful new feature – users can tag the restaurant they’re in, the coffee they just bought in Starbucks or the shoes they are wearing by simply adding the username that the brand has on Instagram. This allows a brand to see how and where their products are being used. It is also, of course, free advertising for them. Instagram has so far pushed away ideas of monetising the app, but with this new feature being very suited to advertising, the rumours are back again.

To get the new feature download the app or update it in the Apple App Store or Google Play, it is available to all users.

We’ll also be covering this and the newest developments in social media marketing at our workshop on the 23rd May in London. More information here.

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