It’s time for a social media marketing refresher course

It’s 2013. Time has moved on – and social media has moved on twice as fast.  In the past 18 months Facebook has completely revamped it’s brand pages,...

Social Media Management Structures

Social Media Management Structures

It’s 2013. Time has moved on – and social media has moved on twice as fast.  In the past 18 months Facebook has completely revamped it’s brand pages, Twitter has kicked open it’s door to advertising, LinkedIn has woken up to it’s massive B2B potential, and ‘new kids’ Pinterest and instagram have gone mainstream.

The gradual connecting up of social media monitoring, engagement, social CRM and analytics platforms has moved on apace, with Salesforce, Buddy Media and Radian6 (let’s call them BudForce6) teaming up, and Oracle, Vitrue and Collective Intellect doing the same, while Adobe has developed it’s own end-to-end marketing solution and countless other platforms are broadening out to offer more engagement, monitoring or data management features.

We’ve moved on too. As I said in my opening address at SMM12 in London: the days of the Social Media Guru have long gone. Our industry is now dominated by battle hardy practitioners who are honing their skills day-in-day-out. 18 months ago the most frequent question would get asked was “Can you measure the ROI of social media?” Today I get asked which are the most reliable metrics, or the best tools for tracking Pinterest. Companies are actively monitoring and measuring their social media activities, not questioning whether they should.

Three years ago, very few Social Media Teams existed, even in large brands. Today we’re developing sophisticated social media management structures that enable multiple teams (PR, Customer Service, Marketing, Comms, Strategy…) to input into social media strategy and engagement. Management models are emerging (see above), but these are still evolving year-on-year.

Given these developments,  nobody today can claim to be an expert on every aspect of social media marketing. If you’re familiar with the detail of Facebook’s competition rules, or the intricacies of team management on Hootsuite, chances are you haven’t read the latest Badgeville report on gamification, or studied how Genesys have integrated Twitter monitoring into their CRM platform.

There is now an ocean of social media platforms, tools, practices, risks and opportunities open to us. The question is: which ones do we really need to know about?

I’ve spent much of the past two months revising my knowledge, testing new platforms, interviewing tool providers, speaking with our clients and generally re-thinking what I thought I knew about social media marketing. I don’t say I know everything (at least, not in public), but I’d say I have an in-depth knowledge of the core elements, networks, practices and processes that an intermediate to advanced user needs to understand.

I’ve collated this into a one-day course which I’ll be running in London four times this year. Each course will be an intensive, interactive session with around 20 participants and each attendee will leave with a completed workbook with a ton of practical notes and guidance. It’s the distillation of my 12 years working in social media crammed into 8-hours.

If you think it’s time to refresh your social media marketing knowledge, join me for the first of my Social Media Marketing Training courses in London on 31st January.  If you’ can’t make it, please pass the details on to a friend or colleague who could benefit from attending.

Feedback from my last course:

  • Interesting and very useful.  Great to hear the thought patterns of others and what methods and programmes they use”  (N. Porter, Tollina)
  • I found the event really helpful,especially the frameworks for implementing strategy” (N. Surry, Medtronic)
  • Really useful guidance on ROI measurement and social media strategy” (anon).
  • Very clear explanations.  Thumbs up!” (Spilgames)
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