It’s Time to Get Your Facebook Page Ready for Christmas

It may be September, but it's already time for Facebook Page admins to start thinking about Christmas. New research from Socialbakers shows that in the build up to...

As my colleagues well know, I’m not a fan of anything Christmas until December 1st. Yet, as a Facebook Page admin, the build-up to Christmas starts now.

Socialbakers posting stats

Social media analytics company, Socialbakers, has been monitoring the amount of content and number of campaigns that brands publish to Facebook in the Electronics, FMCG and Fashion industries. The results show that September to December is the busiest time of year for Page admins, with brands relaxing their content strategy in the New Year.

As competition for Newsfeed space increases during this period, many brands are turning to advertising and promoted posts to reach their audience. This is resulting in a huge spike in user activity (likes, shares and comments) on Pages in the build up to Christmas, before it drops away sharply in January.

socialbakers facebook interactions

This has led Socialbakers to suggest that paid content is becoming ‘the only way for brands to cut through the crowds’.

Whilst advertising will quite rightly play an important role in a lot of social media strategies, I’m not sure I’d go as far as saying it’s the only option. By posting quality, engaging content all year round, brands should find themselves with an active community at their fingertips when the shopping really starts.

If you succeed in engaging your audience early and get a head start on your competitors, you could find yourself sitting at the top of their Newsfeeds in December without having to pay Facebook a penny.

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