5 LinkedIn case studies that got results for zero spend

Forget your diminishing marketing budget, it's possible to get results on LinkedIn for absolutely nothing - as these five case studies show.

LinkedIn case studies

Facebook. Twitter. Snapchat. While other social networks stumble around in varying states of identity crisis, LinkedIn knows exactly what it’s about: a social platform for business networking – and the only one of its kind.

That turns some marketers off. After all, LinkedIn’s users are only there to make new connections, trumpet their professional skills or find a job, right? Wrong.

LinkedIn can be a fabulous stage for generating leads, recruiting top talent and improving brand awareness. You needn’t even spend a penny in advertising costs.

And if you won’t take our word for it, take a look at these five case studies.

1. Stones Corner Hotel

LinkedIn Case Studies - Stones Corner Hotel

Never underestimate the creative minds of the masses. Back in 2016 Julian D’Souza, venue manager at Stones Corner Hotel, took to LinkedIn to flaunt a photo of the newest addition to the burger menu and ask his connections one simple question.
What should we call it?

D’Souza’s followers responded in droves. And every time someone liked the post, it appeared in their connections’ timelines too. Within 23 days one simple post had generated over 2,500 likes and 8,000 comments. Sure, it may not have resulted in immediate, direct orders. But in terms of raising brand awareness, increasing reach and improving brand loyalty, D’Souza’s post was remarkably successful.

The reason for this success? Well, people like burgers! Case closed? Not quite. D’Souza’s update was incongruous. LinkedIn users expect to see business and performance-related content in their timelines. Things of a professional nature. A mouth-watering photo of a hulking great burger is sure to stand out.

How could your brand subvert the norm?

2. American Express

LinkedIn Case Studies - American Express

LinkedIn is a major publishing platform (the Content Marketing Institute’s research found that 91 per cent of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to publish.) But with three million users sharing content at least weekly, cutting through the white noise with a message that engages your target audience is easier said than done.

American Express tackled that challenge head on by partnering with the Global Business Travel Association to create a research report that piqued the curiosity of business travellers. American Express then used LinkedIn to publish blog posts and infographics that had been reappropriated from the original report.

Taking the time to produce quality content resulted in a 100 per cent increase in engagement on LinkedIn.

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3. MPi

As you can see, merging LinkedIn with content marketing can get decent results. And one of the best ways to distribute content on LinkedIn? Join a group.

Automotive software company MPi had a webinar to promote. To do that they created a number of blog posts that previewed the webinar content and invited readers to pre-register. In a bid to get more eyes on the blog posts, MPi researched and joined groups on LinkedIn related to their target audience – and began sharing links to their blog content, building thoughtful conversation around industry challenges and pain points.

With this refreshingly simple strategy, MPi grew their webinar registrants by 20 per cent. Could something similar work for your business? LinkedIn allows you to be part of up to 100 groups at a time. Go and join the conversation and get closer to influencers in your industry.

4. Schneider

Okay, your company page is in order. That’s great! But what about the profiles of your employees who are on LinkedIn? If they are approaching leads or prospects directly on LinkedIn – via InMails, for example – you need to make sure the person sending them has a knock-their-socks-off profile page.

Logistics specialist Schneider realised this, and dutifully set about injecting some pizzazz into the profile of their new business development director.

Too many people use their LinkedIn profile as a self-indulgent digital CV. Wouldn’t it be better if it were used as a space to show how well your employees understand the fears and needs of your target audience? Schneider created an employee profile focused on providing business value to prospects. It spoke about the business challenges his prospects face, how he could solve them and what it would do for their bottom line. They backed it up with case studies. And they made sure every area of the profile was working towards building the business case for Schneider’s services.

The result? The revamped profile of Schneider’s new business development director generated a 400% increase in connection conversions, and a 500% increase in unsolicited connection requests from key industry influencers. Not bad for brushing up a profile page, hey?

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5. L’Oreal

LinkedIn Case Studies - American L'Oreal

Looking for a new employee? You could do worse than turn to LinkedIn. With 500 million users generating 106 million monthly unique visits, you can rest assured there’s no shortage of talent out there. But how to find them? Just follow L’Oreal’s lead.

As you might imagine, a company with 70,000 employees, 27 global brands and operations in 130 countries requires a steady stream of incoming human resource. In fact L’Oreal look to recruit some 6,000 new managers every single year. To help find passive candidates and shout about the benefits of a career with L’Oreal, the cosmetics behemoth makes use of some simple yet highly effective strategies.

That starts with a highly polished company page with a branded ‘Careers’ tab. This tab features a statement on what it’s like to work at L’Oreal, an embedded YouTube video and testimonials from current employees. The careers page is also regularly updated with new job openings.

L’Oreal also call on their own network of 15,000 managers and employees that are currently on LinkedIn to find passive talent. This approach has saved many thousands of pounds on recruitment costs. One Parisian employee even managed to source 90 top profile candidates in less than five months.

Like LinkedIn says, the best employees refer the best candidates…

Over to you…

Whether you are recruiting, approaching prospects or building brand awareness, you don’t need a big budget to market successfully on LinkedIn. In fact you don’t need any budget at all. Take the time to create quality content, to contribute to conversations in groups, to get your employee profiles and company page sharp. With focused effort, the results will come.

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