Roundup: Coca-Cola’s Facebook milestone, ‘social enterprise’ row, Google’s SEO trap, and more

It’s been an exciting week for social media developments. In fact, our weekly roundup has never been so full…   Coca-Cola first retail brand to reach 50 million...

Coca-Cola reach 50 million fans

It’s been an exciting week for social media developments. In fact, our weekly roundup has never been so full…


Coca-Cola reach 50 million fans

Coca-Cola first retail brand to reach 50 million Facebook fans

On Tuesday, Coca-Cola became the first retail brand to pass 50 million Facebook fans. The milestone had previously only been reached by services such as YouTube and Facebook, celebs, and The Simpsons. To mark the achievement, they have launched a new app. The app encourages their fans to submit ideas for inventions and causes, so that the 50m strong community can do something to improve the world. According to Mashable, Coca-Cola will provide support for one of the ideas and will unveil the result next year.


‘Social enterprise’ trademark row hots up

Last month we found out that Salesforce is attempting to trademark the term ‘social enterprise’. They use the term to describe enterprises which embrace social media to engage with their customers. This has sparked a row as the term has long been used to describe businesses that exist to tackle social and environmental issues. This week, things have escalated with Salesforce chief executive Marc Benioff receiving a letter signed by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, and over 50 other high profile figures asking him to end the pursuit. You can see the full story on Business Zone and there is also an interesting piece in which Luke Brynley-Jones shares his thoughts.


LinkedIn becoming Facebook with new notifications

Following their updates to the newsfeed a few weeks ago, LinkedIn have again moved a step closer to becoming Facebook by introducing a notifications feature. According to their official blog, LinkedIn notifications will appear as a flag at the top of the screen and show when someone views your profile, accepts an invitation, or likes or comments on something you shared.


Bing Facebook photo search

Bing expands Facebook integration

Inside Facebook report that Bing has added a new feature, allowing users to search their Facebook friends’ photos directly within the search engine. Facebook themselves have never implemented a photo search option, so this tool is the first of its kind. You can access the tool at


Facebook bot problem

Facebook increases its effort to remove false likes

Facebook’s bot problem has received a lot of coverage recently, and it seems the network is responding. Inside Facebook report that the Facebook security team are introducing an automated system to “remove Likes obtained through malware, compromised accounts, deceived users or purchased bulk Likes.” On average less than 1% of Likes are removed, so the honest Facebook page shouldn’t see much effect. Could this finally be the end to purchased Facebook Likes?


This seat's taken

Obama’s “epic” Twitter response to Clint Eastwood at the RNC

The most RT’d Tweet of the Republican National Convention came from Barrack Obama’s social media team. Shortly after Clint Eastwood’s 12 minute ramble to an “invisible Obama” on an empty chair, Twitter was flooded with voters mocking his performance. Obama’s team responded with three short words; “This seat’s taken”.


Embedded Tweets for your website

Twitter is introducing a new tool allowing you to embed a timeline of Tweets to your website. This is already being used by ESPN who are using the tool to show Tweets about the US Open Tennis. One of the key elements is that you can reply, RT or favourite displayed Tweets in exactly the same way as you can on Twitter. This is a neat tool and we will no doubt make use of it on our own event websites in the future. See the full story on The Wall.


Notifications API allows 3rd parties to send Facebook users notifications at any time

According to The Next Web, third parties are now able to send customer notifications to their users at any time. This has the potential to upset Facebook users, for whom the notifications system is already fairly flooded. Developers do not need any additional permissions and users would have to manually turn the feature off to avoid receiving these notifications. It seems Facebook are well aware of the risks involved and have asked developers to be mindful of the frequency and the language they use.


Twitter remembers Neil Armstrong

Following the death of astronaut and first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, on August 25th, 1.6 million people took to Twitter to offer condolences and say goodbye. Twitter have put together this data visualisation to show how the news spread across the globe.



The Google trap for SEO spammers

This latest patent story from Google is big news for anyone in the SEO industry. As Econsultancy explain, “the patent relates specifically to the practice of not altering ranking positions immediately after an on or offsite tweak that merits such a change”. It is suggested that Google has made these changes to catch anyone using spam SEO techniques.


Facebook Timeline has made pages more social

It’s been 6-months since Facebook introduced Timeline for business Pages. In light of this anniversary, a post on AllFacebook has argued that the transition has forced businesses to make their pages more social. The widespread use of landing pages previously saw users dumped onto a static “non-living” page, but now that you’re bringing them straight to your timeline, users can see the posts you’re making and the level interaction on your page. They can then make an informed decision on whether they want to be a part of that community, and this has forced Community Managers to foster engagement and create an inviting experience.


Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary calls Facebook critic “an idiot”

A couple of weeks back, we featured a story about a Ryanair complaint that generated huge support on Facebook and currently has over 500,000 Likes. At a press conference yesterday Ryanair CEO, Michael O’Leary, was questioned about the incident and was not particularly sympathetic. According to The Wall, the woman has written to O’Leary asking for compensation, to which he responded “it was your f**k-up”. He also stated that 99.98% of Ryanair passengers successfully print their boarding passes in advance and “to those who don’t, we say quite politely: ‘Bugger off’ ”. Never one to miss a good PR opportunity!


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