Roundup: Facebook search ads; review of Pinterest mobile app; and Twitter limits third-party apps

Another busy week in social media, but our roundup is here to keep you up-to-speed. This week, Twitter cause a storm by announcing new rules for third-party apps,...

Facebook sponsored search ads

Another busy week in social media, but our roundup is here to keep you up-to-speed. This week, Twitter cause a storm by announcing new rules for third-party apps, Facebook test sponsored search ads, Tumblr get upset, and Ryanair upset people


Facebook sponsored search ads

Sponsored results search ads
It seems that every week Facebook are testing new ad features and this week is search ads. According to Ad Week, Facebook could be pushing into Google’s territory by introducing search driven advertising, including a new category of Sponsored search ads.


Instagram logo

Facebook’s Instagram takeover approved by Office of Fair Trading
After 4-months of investigation, Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram has been approved by the OFT. The full reasons are laid out on TechCrunch, but include the fact that Facebook’s own Camera app lags far behind other mobile photo apps, Instagram currently has no revenue, and that Google will provide stiff competition for Facebook.


Twitter API chart

Twitter tightens API guidelines
Twitter dropped a social media bomb this week with the news that they were upgrading their API and enforcing limits for third-party apps. Tammy Kahn Fennell has produced this useful post, clarifying exactly what kind of tools will be affected. It’s bad news for traditional Twitter clients and it seems Twitter can decide which apps break the rules on an individual basis, there are no guarantees for anyone.


Tumblr friend finder

Twitter revokes Tumblr friend finder
Tumblr has joined the likes of Instagram in having its Twitter friend-finder feature removed. Tumblr have released a statement saying that they are “truly disappointed” and that it is “especially upsetting” given their history of embracing the platform. The full story is on The Next Web.


10 most liked brand posts on Facebook
You’d have to assume that the most liked post of July would be Olympics related, but no, it came from UPS. One of their drivers, Kenneth Donleycott, found a missing Alzheimer’s patient and the post received 878,313 Likes, making it was one of the most Liked posts of all time – receiving more than twice the number of Likes as the actual UPS Facebook page. Clearly Facebook loves a hometown hero. See the full list on Social Media Today.


Ryanair Facebook complaint reaches 354,000 Likes, but is still ignored
It’s rather strange to see Ryanair make the social media news as they tend to ignore it, but one passenger’s complaint has won the support of 354,000 Facebook users. According to The Wall, Suzy McLeod used the self-check-in option but failed to print off her boarding passes, leaving her with a €300 bill at the airport for 5 pieces of paper.

There is a great deal of confusion about Ryanair on Facebook. As they have chosen not to engage with customers it seems there are many fake accounts bearing the brunt of complaints! Facebook competition’s Facebook fans spend 24% more than non-fans
What is the value of a ‘Like’? ROI is a much discussed topic in social media, and have looked into the shopping behaviour of its Facebook fans to find the answer for them. Impressively, customers who had engaged with one or more of its Facebook campaigns spent 24% more on average than customers that hadn’t. According to their social media engagement platform, Engage Sciences, that amounts to £2m of sales through Facebook.


Pinterest for Android and iPad

Pinterest shows Facebook how to make a great mobile app
Last week saw the release of Pinterest’s new Android app, which seems to have been well received. A review on Econsultancy says “Pinterest has done a great job of modifying its desktop experience for mobile, offering a slick, user-friendly app that is great for killing time and browsing pins while on the move.”


10 babies taste lemons for the first time
We always like to leave you with something light-hearted, and what better than 10 babies tasting lemons for the first time. You can see the full collection on Mashable.

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