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After Twitter dominated our last weekly round-up, it seems Facebook wanted a turn. This week they’ve announced new options for targeted posts, tested mobile ads for apps, launched...

Bingo Friendzy Facebook page

After Twitter dominated our last weekly round-up, it seems Facebook wanted a turn. This week they’ve announced new options for targeted posts, tested mobile ads for apps, launched the network’s first real-money gaming app, have revealed the scale of their bot problem, and are fighting for ‘likes’ to be considered free speech. They’ve been busy!


Bingo Friendzy Facebook page

Facebook launches real money gaming

For the first time, users can gamble with real money on Facebook. As part of their strategy to increase revenue, the Bingo Friendzy app has been introduced to UK residents aged 18+. This is likely to be the first of many as “Facebook is talking to other games makers about introducing other gambling games, such as blackjack and roulette” – Brand Republic.


Smirnoff Facebook page

Worries for Facebook marketers after user generated content deemed ‘advertising’

The Australian Advertising Standards Board has ruled that all posts made on Smirnoff’s Facebook page are classed as advertising, even if they are made by members of the public. The implication is that all Australian brands could be forced to pre-moderate comments to ensure they comply with advertising regulations, effectively ruling out real-time engagement. This is also worrying for Facebook marketers in the UK, US and beyond as Common law courts often look to their counterparts in other countries for guidance. Let’s hope not!  You can read the full story here.


Facebook targeted post options

Facebook roll out enhanced post targeting options

Currently Facebook posts can be targeted by location and language, but this is being extended to include age, gender, relationship status, education and workplace. This could really increase the marketing capabilities of a Facebook page. Being able to target specific demographics with certain messages or products is likely to increase engagement as fans will only see content relevant to them. It also means you can post significantly more content without worrying about overloading your fans. “You’re only limited by your imagination.” Tech Crunch


Our Social Times Pinterest boards

Pinterest opens its doors after dropping invites

You can now sign up for a Pinterest account without having to wait for an invite. You can also sign up using your email address, rather than having to sign in through your Facebook or Twitter account. Their official blog reads; “We’re really excited to have the capacity to offer Pinterest to more people and if you’re a Pinner with friends who’ve been waiting on the sidelines, we hope you’ll let them know”.


Facebook like

Facebook pushing for ‘likes’ to be considered free speech

Facebook have backed a Virginia sheriff’s office employee who was fired for ‘liking’ the Facebook page of his employer’s competitor. The case was taken to court, where the judge ruled that “merely liking a Facebook page is insufficient speech to merit constitutional protection”, but this ruling has been appealed. It is argued that ‘liking’ a page generates a verbal statement, and if the employee stood on a street corner saying “I like Jim Adams for Hampton sheriff” he would be protected by the First Amendment. The full story is available on AllFacebook.


Bot using laptop

Facebook estimates 8.7% of active users are illegitimate accounts

Facebook have been forced to admit that up to 83 million of their monthly active users could be duplicate, miscategorised or “undesirable” accounts. This comes amid controversy about ‘bots’ clicking on Facebook ads, with some ad campaigns claiming 80% of clicks came from bots. Full story on Inside Facebook.


Mars curiosity Ustream channel

Mars landing broadcast on Ustream outperforms cable TV

Mashable have reported that more people tuned into Ustream to watch the NASA Mars landing than many of the top cable news networks. At its peak Ustream reached 500,000 viewers, supporting the suggestion that people are increasingly turning to online news sources over traditional media.


Facebook mobile ads - report

Facebook mobile ads for apps

In another move to make money out of mobile, Facebook are testing mobile ads for apps. The Next Web reports that with over 500 million mobile users, Facebook finds itself in an enviable position. With demographic targeting and detailed reporting on offer, this could be a good means for app developers to push their products up the charts.


Olympics social media buzz
Social media buzz for the Olympic 100m final

The social Olympics – Bolt takes the buzz

We couldn’t have a news roundup without mentioning the Olympics. Our friends at Brandwatch have been keeping a close eye on the social media buzz and were there on Sunday night to see Usain Bolt win an overwhelming 82.6% share of voice in the 100m final. Interestingly, the other 7 sprinters ranked in nearly the same order that they finished the race.


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