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Welcome to our new, weekly round-up of what’s brilliant, fascinating, dumb and downright annoying in social media… How to Follow the Olympics on Social Media Now that it’s...

Olympics (Image:

Welcome to our new, weekly round-up of what’s brilliant, fascinating, dumb and downright annoying in social media…

Olympics (Image:

How to Follow the Olympics on Social Media

Now that it’s finally, at long last, here, it seems that every media and news organisation has created a social media hub to help you track, follow and engage with your favourite teams, sports and athletes. There’s the IOC Olympic Athletes Hub and the Storify Olympics Page, for starters, and Mashable has published a full list here.

Facebook Advertising Trends in 2012

TBG Digital have released their latest Facebook Advertising report. As the world’s largest Facebook advertiser, this provides a very useful insight into trends and the performance of Facebook ads. The report, which measured 406 billion impressions, shows that CPM rates have increased by 58% in twelve months; ad engagement has increased by 11%; Sponsored Story ads are 53% more engaging than standard ads; and Facebook mobile ads have 14x higher CTR than desktop ads.  Read the full report here.

Twitter announces new targeting to make Promoted Tweets more relevant

Promoted Tweets haven’t featured very strongly with social media marketers, but this looks set to change. Previously, promoted tweets were delivered to all followers globally, but this latest development allows you to target fans based on country, region or city. This makes the option more relevant and beneficial to companies running local campaigns and I suspect we’ll be seeing much more of them from now on.  Read more here.

New look LinkedIn

LinkedIn have started rolling out their new look Homepage. The emphasis is on creating a “newer, simpler and more modern design”, but the changes are not only aesthetic. LinkedIn are trying to make the site more social with their changes to the update stream. They will now be positioning the most relevant updates at the top of the stream, based on what topics and news is trending amongst your connections and in your industry. It will also be possible to like, comment and share the updates that are most important to you… very original.  Read more here.

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Facebook and Its Changing Metrics

Many marketers will be baffled by this post – if not concerned. As of this month “Facebook’s reach metric will include both mobile views and will now only count a ‘reach’ if a user scrolls down and loads a Page’s story.” Good news, but what exactly have we been measuring until now? Reach included users who “may or may not have seen your story” and the 500 million users who access Facebook via mobile were ignored entirely!  Read more here.

Social Strategies – Insights into Nokia, Heinz, Man City and Cadbury’s

Some great case studies have come out of last week’s Facebook Marketing conference in London, including Man City’s focus on engagement not traffic; Nokia and Heinz arguing that Facebook storefronts don’t work; and the sad news that Cadbury’s shift to social will mean no more drumming gorillas.

London Eye to be lit up by Twitter Sentiment during the Games

Every evening during the Olympic Games, Londoners will be treated to a 24-minute light display on the London Eye – showing Twitter sentiment. A proportion of the iconic structure will light up according to the amount of positive sentiment expressed in the city that day using Twitter sentiment analysis.  Read more here or see the video below.

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