Roundup: World’s oldest Facebook user, Google+ for business, and more…

In this edition of our weekly social media roundup, Google+ launches tools for business, registration opens for Social Media Week, Facebook’s mobile app gets a speed boost, and...

President makes unannounced appearance on Reddit

In this edition of our weekly social media roundup, Google+ launches tools for business, registration opens for Social Media Week, Facebook’s mobile app gets a speed boost, and more…


President makes unannounced appearance on Reddit

Obama joins Reddit

Barrack Obama’s campaign strategy is renowned for its use of social media, and the US President has now joined social news site Reddit. He made an unannounced appearance, answering 10 questions in 30 minutes. There were thousands of questions submitted and the publicity could have a really positive effect on Reddit as it attempts to compete with the mainstream networks.


Social Media Week

Social Media Week is back

This September Social Media Week is coming to 14 cities worldwide. Barcelona, Berlin, Bogotá, Chicago, Glasgow, Hong Kong, Jeddah, London, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Torino and Vancouver will play host to a range of social media events from the 24th to the 28th and as the majority of events are free, this is a great chance to learn and meet like-minded people. If you’re heading to London, don’t forget to check out our event, The Rise of the Social Customer.


New Facebook app for iPhone and iPad

Facebook have rebuilt their iPhone and iPad app to focus on speed. Inside Facebook have provided a full account of ‘what’s new, what’s better and what still needs work’, but the general feeling is that this is a vast improvement with messages and photos loading much faster.


Google+ for business
Integrated calendar and hangouts

Google+ launches tools for business

Google+ is launching new tools for business users. The new features include private sharing, allowing users to limit the visibility of posts to within your organisation, as well as hangout and calendar integration. Google also announced that this is “just the beginning”. They are also planning to introduce a mobile version for enterprise and additional admin controls in the coming months.


Facebook retargeted ads

You may remember that back in June, Facebook announced that they were testing “Facebook Exchange”, bringing cookie-based retargeted ads to the network for the first time. By connecting with other advertising platforms, Facebook will be able to target ads based on your other web-surfing activities. According to TechCrunch, the ads are performing very well and Facebook have nearly doubled the number of companies who can access the programme.


Costa Coffee Facebook app

Costa launch Facebook app for Coffee Club members

Today Costa Coffee is launching a Facebook app giving their 3 million Coffee Club members direct access to their account from Facebook. This allows new members to sign up through Facebook and lets existing users see how they can use their loyalty points, but will also provide Costa with valuable information on their most loyal customer. As part of the promotion, they are giving away 10 million loyalty points on Facebook. See The Wall for the full story.


Facebook camera app

Facebook updates its camera app

Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram is almost completed, but Facebook is continuing to update its own camera app. These latest updates allow users to upload photos straight to a specific album and provide notifications of comments, tags and likes.


Audience options for Facebook promoted posts

New audience options for Promoted Posts

Facebook’s Posts have received an update this week, allowing page owners to select whether they want to reach only their fans or friends of fans as well. Previously Promoted Posts would increase the likelihood of you reaching friends of fans, even if they were not the target of your post. Full article on Inside Facebook.



Mark Zuckerberg meets world's oldest Facebook user

Mark Zuckerberg meets world’s oldest Facebook user

We know that the older generation are increasingly embracing social networks, but this week Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg took some time out of their schedule to meet the world’s oldest Facebook user – Florence Detlor, aged 101.


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