Snapchat marketing campaigns: 5 great case studies that produced results

A little imagination goes a long way when it comes to Snapchat marketing campaigns - as these five case studies demonstrate.

Snapchat marketing campaigns

Let’s just pretend you wanted to watch every Snap that was uploaded to Snapchat in a single day.

Assuming an average duration of 10 seconds per Snap, it would take you 793 years of solid viewing. An almost incomputable 2.5 billion Snaps are uploaded to the image and video sharing platform each day.

It’s as good a way as any to try and rationalise the growth in Snapchat’s popularity. You already know that one of the golden rules of marketing is to go where your audience are. And with 158 million daily active users and a fraction fewer monthly actives than Twitter, there’s a good chance your audience is on Snapchat.

Here to inspire your brand’s Snapchat strategy are five case studies focusing on campaigns that got some serious Snapchat traction.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Snapchat marketing campaigns - Mission Impossible

“This message will self-destruct in five seconds.”

It’s the hallowed line that closes the opening sequence to every Mission Impossible film. With that in mind, Snapchat – the social network famed for ephemeral messaging – was the perfect place to build the buzz about Rogue Nation.

During ‘Mission Month’, fans were set challenges via Snapchat that had a 24-hour time limit. Each mission was briefed by Tom Cruise before self-destructing. Top submissions were showcased across social media channels and the best entries rewarded.

The campaign garnered 65 million impressions across all social channels. It’s not hard to see why. The best marketing acknowledges context. It considers the interface between the user and the product. Utilising Snapchat’s ephemeral messaging to mimic the assignments for which Mission Impossible is famous was a masterstroke. The perfect marriage between product and platform.

Cedar Point: Haunt

Snapchat marketing campaigns - Cedar Point Catch a Ghost

When you publish on Snapchat, the platform tells you if a user screenshots your Snap. Cedar Point used this to their advantage to run a competition promoting Halloween events across their world famous amusement parks.

Cedar Point created a Snapchat Story where footage of a ghost would flash on screen for no longer than a second between the rest of the footage. The competition challenged users to screenshot the ghost before it disappeared – and the first five to do so would win a prize.

As the ghost was difficult to capture, entrants had to watch the video repeatedly. This resulted in Cedar Point boosting campaign engagement on Snapchat by 233% compared to other social platforms.

Again, this shows the importance of knowing your platform. Cedar Point considered the context of their campaign appearing on Snapchat and tweaked it accordingly, creating something playful that resonated with Snapchat’s younger demographic and incorporated the screenshot data-capture facility.

The result generated higher engagement and forced users to pay close attention to their advertising.

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Netflix: Gilmore Girls

Snapchat marketing campaigns - Gilmore Girls

Sometimes marketing leaps from the background noise to become a visceral part of an audience’s everyday existence. Promoting the arrival of Gilmore Girls to Netflix in 2016, the video-streaming service took over 200 coffee shops to recreate the fictional café Luke’s from Gilmore Girls.

Each café dished out free coffee in Luke’s branded cups that included Snapcodes – Snapchat’s version of a QR code. When users opened Snapchat and scanned the codes they were directed to a custom filter – featuring a toaster and a sign from Luke’s – that they could apply to their photos.

Netflix’s filter was viewed 880,000 times and the campaign reached over 500,000 people. Not bad for a one-day stunt. It’s a fine example of how much reach you can generate when you combine social media marketing with real world interactions.

And while you may not have the design resource to create a custom Snapchat filter, you can create geofilters that help promote events for as little as a fiver.


Snapchat marketing campaigns - Gatorade

The Super Bowl is a perennial hotbed of advertising innovation. But in 2016 Gatorade scored a particularly eye-catching touchdown with the power of a sponsored Snapchat lens. In the NFL it’s customary for the winning team to soak their coach’s head with whatever they can find in the cooler after the game. (It’s colloquially known as the Gatorade shower or Gatorade dunk.)

Gatorade’s lens allowed Snapchat’s selfie-lovers to capture themselves getting doused with the sports drink. And by the end of the day the lens had been viewed over 100 million times. How’s that for engagement?

Sponsored lenses cost up to $750,000 during peak days such as the Super Bowl. And Gatorade got the ball rolling by tweeting a GIF of tennis megastar Serena Williams getting dunked. In short: sponsored lenses aren’t for everyone. But if you have the budgetary clout, the impact could be huge.

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Great Lakes

Snapchat marketing campaigns - Great Lakes

When it comes to brand marketing, custom geofilters are one of the most underused features of Snapchat. Especially as they can be purchased for as little as $5. They work just like normal filters, except they are only visible to users within a certain geozone. Snapchat analytics shows you exactly how many times your filter has been viewed, making for highly accountable marketing.

Great Lakes recently generated 22,000 impressions from a $35 geofilter. By targeting users who are already engaged with a 15 per cent discount, Great Lakes achieved a 12 per cent conversion rate.

Due to its ephemeral nature Snapchat is a fantastic place to promote flash sales. Because Great Lakes’ audience had already committed to viewing the geofilter, they only needed an extra nudge to make use of the discount they had been offered.

In conclusion…

Success as a brand on Snapchat depends on knowing your audience, knowing the platform and knowing your product. Find the sweet-spot between all three and you could be onto a winner.

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