Social customer service for very large organisations [Interview]

In the run-up to Social Customer Service Summit 2015, we ask Folke Lemaitre, Founder & CEO at social media management tool, Engagor, about the increasingly pivotal role played...

In the run-up to Social Customer Service Summit 2015, we ask Folke Lemaitre, Founder & CEO at social media management tool, Engagor, about the increasingly pivotal role played by #socialCS within large organisations.

Engagor team

1. Engagor seems to be growing fast. What’s your USP?

Yes. What I think sets us apart from others the most is the data engine underlying our entire engagement platform, which makes us one of the most robust and flexible engagement tools in the social media industry. Across all verticals (but especially in the telco, public transportation, and travel industries), companies benefit from Engagor’s advanced filtering capabilities because it allows them to translate their specific business needs with regards to engagement workflows (replying with an appropriate response in a timely manner to customer queries) and reporting (measuring the right KPIs and evaluating their performance).

2. You’ve been very focused on social customer service in recent years. What do you see as the biggest #socialCS challenge for large organisations today?

More and more customers are taking advantage of social media as their go-to channel for questions and/or complaints, so the teams handling these queries are growing bigger and bigger. With this comes an increase in complexity and organisational needs. The biggest challenge here is to maintain efficiency within the complex world of social customer service. At the same time, it’s equally important that companies need to live up to their customers’ expectations, ensuring the right message reaches the right team member instantly and is handled within minutes or even seconds.

3. Do you think providing effective social customer service is more about technology, processes or people?

In an area that’s so demanding and hectic, it’s crucial that all 3 aspects are top-notch and work in perfect harmony. We, of course, provide our users with the technology, but there’s no ‘magic formula to delight customers through a superior customer experience. Advanced technology and great software is really the foundation to ensure great team work and smart processes.

4. Do you have a favourite client or case study you can share with us? Perhaps one with unexpected results?

A great customer that comes to mind is the European Parliament, which obviously has to deal with a huge volume of mentions spread over a wide variety of topics and countries (28 countries to be exact)! They have a very large team of community managers spread over several countries, that still manages to efficiently engage in real-time with their audience through Engagor. It is in these kind of extremely demanding environments our platform shows itself to its best advantage.

5. Your current focus is on large organisations. Do you have plans to cater for smaller companies too?

Our primary focus will definitely stay on large organisations. However, we recognize and understand that not each organization has reached the same ‘maturity’ in how their teams work on social media yet. That’s why we enthusiastically support brands that are kicking off rather small on social media but have big plans that lie ahead of them.

Engagor will be speaking with O2 at SCSS15, which they are also sponsoring, in London 30th April. You can book your ticket here.

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