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  1. Alex Horton Reply

    Really interesting article,

    Measuring ROI on a brand enhancement campaign through Social media can prove a waste of resources. Simply creating the best quality and most frequent new and interesting social media content is a superb way to spend your time and resources.

    – According to just under three-quarters of agencies surveyed (74%), clients use direct traffic to measure social media activity.

    This is clearly a narrow minded view of measuring the effectiveness, or ROI, on a social media campaign!

    Here are some other interesting statistics on corporate participation in social media strategy

    – A third of companies (32%) do not spend anything on social media marketing and a further 36% spend under $5,000 a year.

    I hope this has given a different slant to your point on Social media and ROI! I would finish by saying that ROI on social media is a fledgling concept with difficult parameters to measure. However I think that soon there will be full and accurate measurements of ROI on social media. In the meanwhile keep your content RELEVANT, REFRESHING and INTERESTING!

    For a full 2010 Value of Social Media report containing statistics and industry trends for 2010 check out:

  2. 40deuce Reply

    This looks like it was a fantastic conference. Lots of great speakers that I know and respect. Wish I could have been there, but had previous engagements.
    Glad you learned some good stuff and I thank you for sharing.

    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos