Social Media Round-up: Facebook Fan purge, the ‘Mayor of Mars’ and Presidential ‘Social Slugfest’

In this week’s social media news round-up we look at the return of Facebook Gifts,  LinkedIn’s new ‘Follow’ feature, the first ‘Mayor of Mars’ and the latest social...

In this week’s social media news round-up we look at the return of Facebook Gifts,  LinkedIn’s new ‘Follow’ feature, the first ‘Mayor of Mars’ and the latest social media stats from the Presidential elections.


David Blaine to perform first ‘social stunt’

Tomorrow (Friday 5 October) stuntman David Blaine will stand on a 20ft high platform with 1million volts of electricity surrounding him and stay there for 3 days without food or sleep. Strange what some people do for kicks! This will be his first social stunt. He told Mashable; “A keyboard will appear during certain times that will allow me to interact with people all over the world… We are in a different age now where technology is so important and I wanted to be connected with people along the way.”


Twitter says over half its users are following at least 6 brands

Speaking at the IAB MIXX advertising conference, Twitter’s Joel Lunefield said that 88% of Twitter users follow at least one brand over 50% follow six or more brands. Twitter also studied the reasons people follow brands, and found that as well as access to freebies and discounts, users were actually interested in getting access to exclusive or promotional content.


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Which Presidential Candidate is winning the ‘Social Slugfest’?

SocialBakers have released some great analytics looking at the Presidential ‘Social Slugfest’. Although Romney’s growth is much higher than Obama’s, he has a very long way to go to close the gap, with 1m Twitter followers to Obama’s 20m. That said, Romney’s Tweets are more viral and he has higher Facebook engagement.


Facebook Gifts

Facebook have announced that they are bringing back Facebook Gifts, only this time, they’ll be actual gifts and not clip art. You can order the gifts from birthday reminders or a friend’s profile and they will be instantly notified, before receiving the gift shortly afterwards. You don’t need to know their address or even enter your credit card details straight away, making it quick and easy to impulse buy. Investors seem impressed as Facebook shares jumped 6% after the company announced the initiative.


Tower of London launches 1000 year-old Timeline

Facebook are always encouraging us to backdate our Timelines to include company history. The Tower of London have taken this further than most by launching a 1000 year Timeline. The highlights include famous executions, murders, the torture of Guy Fawkes and the Great Fire of London. Tim Powell, Digital Media Manager for Historic Royal Palaces said “It’s an incredibly powerful way for modern audiences to engage with the Tower’s rich history”.


LinkedIn launches ‘Follow’ feature

LinkedIn’s new ‘Follow’ feature makes it possible to follow other users and receive one another’s posts without having to officially connect. LinkedIn recommends you only connect with people you know, so this feature allows you to see what influencers and others in your industry are talking about even if you haven’t met them.


Facebook Fan purge

Last week Facebook started its purge of fake and illegitimate accounts, resulting in the loss of thousands of Page Likes. Texas Holdem Poker lost nearly 200,000 Likes, but this represents only 0.3% of its total fans. This is actually good news for brands as they will now have a more accurate picture of engagement levels.


LinkedIn opens office in Middle East

LinkedIn have opened their first office in the Middle East. The network has seen strong growth in the region with “several million” users and over 1 million in the United Arab Emirates, where the office will be based.



Mars Curiosity checks in on Foursquare

Yesterday Mars Curiosity checked-in on Foursquare, providing the first check-in from another planet and the second from space. According to TechCrunch, the Mars Rover will continue to check-in and share updates throughout its exploration, so it can expect to hold the title of ‘Mayor of Mars’ for quite some time.


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