Social Media Round-Up: Facebook Gifts go mobile, cuts to Open Graph apps, and ads targeted by historical Tweets

In this week’s social media news round-up, social buzz encourages viewers to watch live TV, Facebook cuts back Open Graph apps, Facebook Gifts come to mobile, TotalResponse target...

In this week’s social media news round-up, social buzz encourages viewers to watch live TV, Facebook cuts back Open Graph apps, Facebook Gifts come to mobile, TotalResponse target ads based on historical Tweets, and are phone numbers safe on Facebook?

Social Buzz makes users more likely to tune it to live TV

Research by Red Bee Media shows that 1 in 3 smartphone owners are more likely to watch a show live rather than on-demand if there is significant social buzz around that programme. Econsultancy offer the X-Factor as a good example, as the show regularly flash up hastags to increase real-time engagement and add to the live experience.


Is your phone number safe on Facebook?

An 18 year-old researcher named Suriya Prakash claims that the vast majority of phone numbers on Facebook are not safe. By using the “find friends using contacts” feature, he was able to upload lists of numbers from Excel and see the names and profile pictures of nearly all matches. He claims he was able to do this for several days before Facebook stepped in.


Facebook cuts back Open Graph

In order to cut back on the amount of irritating and irrelevant spam that clogs up the News Feed from Open Graph applications, Facebook is no longer approving apps that automatically publish back to Facebook as a person consumes content. Only apps that use Facebook’s built-in actions, such as ‘Listen,’ ‘Read,’ ‘Watch,’ ‘Like,’ or ‘Follow’ will be allowed.


Facebook gifts on Mobile

Facebook Gifts has made impulse buying even easier by showing birthdays on mobile, accompanied with the ‘Send Gift’ option. For now, this is only available to those in the test group, but it is likely to be rolled out to other users over the coming weeks.


LocalResponse targets ads based on historical Tweets and Check-Ins

LocalResponse could previously target ads based on relevant check-ins, but according to TechCrunch, they can now look at historical Tweets and posts from Instagram and Foursquare. This is a great way to target ads. For example, when a film is released on DVD it could target ads at those who had previously Tweeted about it.


Facebook stock dips back below $20

After a negative report in Bloomberg questioning Facebook’s advertising model, Facebook shares dropped back below $20. Bloomberg claimed that Facebook’s management team tried to withhold or misrepresent information about the effectiveness of its advertising strategy and the company’s ability to monetize on mobile.


Facebook reaches 1 billion active users

The big news of the week came out exactly one week ago, when Facebook announced it had passed 1 billion monthly active users. Of those over 600 million are mobile users. There has also been 1.13 trillion Likes, 219 billion photo uploads and 140.3 billion friendships. The average age is a surprisingly low 22.


Could this be the future of Facebook?

Students at MIT have created a ‘wearable social media vest’ that turns a Facebook Like into a real hug. According to its creator, Melissa Kit Chow, the vest inflates when a friend Likes content on your wall, “allowing us to feel the warmth, encouragement, support, or love that we feel when we receive hugs”. Thanks to @ctctUK for the find.


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