Social Media Round-up: Fake reviews and “Facebook’s worst idea yet”?

Another packed social media news roundup, featuring LinkedIn and Google+ milestones, and what might be Facebook’s worst idea yet.   LinkedIn has 10 million UK members LinkedIn continues...

Another packed social media news roundup, featuring LinkedIn and Google+ milestones, and what might be Facebook’s worst idea yet.


LinkedIn has 10 million UK members

LinkedIn continues to grow, announcing this week that it has 10 million members in the UK. That constitutes 4 out of 5 British professionals and means the UK has the third largest presence on the network, behind the US and India.


Facebook expand their test of ‘Highlight’

Since May, Facebook have been testing a new feature called Highlight. The feature lets you pay to have more of your friends see important posts and until now, was only being tested in New Zealand. The feature is now being spotted by users across the globe, suggesting the initial test went well. If introduced, this is likely to be greeted with extreme cynicism. Emil Protalinski from The Next Web called this feature “Facebook’s worst idea yet”.


Facebook mobile ad network

Have Facebook finally found a way to generate income without damaging its user experience? TechCrunch report that Facebook has started testing its own mobile ad network which allows advertisers to target you with ads based on your Facebook data whilst you’re using other apps and mobile sites outside of Facebook. “The goal is to show Facebook users more relevant ads wherever they go, even outside the social network’s own properties.”


Google passes 400 million registered users

This week Google announced that they have passed 400 million registered users and 100 million monthly active users. This is remarkably rapid growth considering registration only opened a year ago, but a long way from Facebook’s 955 million monthly active users.


New Twitter app for iPad. Updates for Android and iPhone

Twitter has released a new iPad app “built from the ground up to make it fast, beautiful and easy to use”. They have also updated their Android and iPhone apps, which include new photo streams and new look profile pages with a large header photo, similar to cover photos on Facebook.

Report: 10-15% of social media reviews will be fake by 2014

A new report from Gartner suggests that reliance on social media ratings and reviews will see enterprises increasingly paying for them. They estimate that by 2014, between 10 and 15% of all reviews will be fake or paid for by companies.


LinkedIn referrals to Facebook up 1000%, whilst referrals to Twitter plummet

Twitter may now regret severing its ties with LinkedIn earlier this year. Since the move, Facebook has seen 1000% more referrals from LinkedIn. The research from PageLever suggests that without Tweets clogging up the newsfeed, links to Facebook are getting more attention than previously. Have Twitter unintentionally done their rivals a favour?


US school violated First and Fourth Amendment by demanding 12-year-olds Facebook password

A judge has ruled that a school broke a 12-year-old’s right to free speech after punishing her for comments she made on Facebook. She posted that she “hated” someone who was mean to her, which the school deemed to be bullying.

In a separate incident, the school also breached her right to privacy. They forced the girl to hand over her Facebook and email passwords after claims she had been talking to a boy about sex. Without a warrant or the parents permission, the school searched through both her chat and message history.  The Next Web has been following the story.


Facebook ‘LOL’ lands driver in jail

This week an 18 year-old woman (above) was jailed for 2 days after refusing to delete a Facebook post. According to Mashable, she took to the social network to inform friends that she had just hit another car whilst drunk and had fled the scene, ending her post with ‘LOL’. The parents of the four in the other car saw the post and reported it to a district judge, who ordered her to remove it. When she refused, she found herself jailed for 2 days for contempt of court. She of course, also faces charges for DUI and fleeing the scene of an accident.


iPhone 5 has laser keyboard and projects holographic images…

… or so Fox 5 New York would have you believe. It seems their source was an entirely fictional concept video released over a year ago.


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