Social Media Round-up: New Myspace, LinkedIn ‘Endorsements’ and Twitter’s dream metric

Keeping you up-to-date with the latest social media news. This week’s round-up even features a rare appearance from MySpace.   New Myspace It’s been a while since MySpace...

Keeping you up-to-date with the latest social media news. This week’s round-up even features a rare appearance from MySpace.


New Myspace

It’s been a while since MySpace made the news, but according to their new video (above) a complete re-design is on its way, and it actually looks good. They have also created a new teaser site where you can register to receive an invite “very soon”. Could it really make a comeback?


LinkedIn ‘Endorsements’

LinkedIn have launched their latest feature ‘Endorsements’ in the US, India, Australia and New Zealand. The Next Web describe it as “Facebook Likes for professionals”. The feature lets you endorse skills and expertise that your connections list on their profile and recommend additional skills for them. The feature will be rolled out to other countries over the next few weeks.


Dropbox integrated with Facebook Groups

Dropbox have announced new integration with Facebook Groups, allowing users to upload documents, photos and videos straight from Dropbox.


The race to reach 30 million followers 

According to TechCrunch, we can expect the 30 million followers milestone to be passed for the first time in the next few days. Lady Gaga currently sits on 29.8 million and is set to be the first to reach the figure, with Justin Bieber (28.3m) and Katy Perry (27m) following in the next couple of months.


Twitter’s dream metric on its way?

Although good for bragging rights, knowing the number of followers you have is of limited use. Perhaps more interesting is the number of mentions or RTs you get, but this week Twitter’s co-founder, Ev Williams, hinted that we may soon be able to measure the number of people that saw a Tweet. Fingers crossed!


HootSuite Conversations

HootSuite have launched a new feature, Conversations, allowing real-time messaging between teams. In a statement, HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes said “Conversations is built on top of HootSuite Teams which helps visualize the organizational structure of work groups in your business. Conversations will increase efficiency between teams or departments and ultimately improve ROI”.


Facebook plugin to control privacy

Facebook have launched a new plugin called Shared Activity. The plugin allows app users to control their privacy settings directly via apps, without having to go back to Facebook itself. This will help users manage what activity is shared, including Open Graph activities.


Pakistan blocks YouTube over anti-Islam videos

After YouTube refused to take down the controversial anti-Islam video, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has ordered YouTube to be blocked. Users trying to access YouTube were this week greeted with a message saying the website contained “indecent material” and had been blocked by the Pakistan Telecom Authority.


Twitter blocks animated profile pictures

Twitter has stopped users from uploading animated GIFs to their profile, prompting outbursts of elation and despair amongst its users. Existing animated GIFs will remain unaffected, but it is no longer possible to upload a new one. Hurrah!

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