Social Round-up: #RIPTwitter, #Emojional confusion, plus Facebook, Instagram and Periscope updates

In the news this week, Twitter users fear changes to their Feed, House of Fraser's #Emojional Campaign baffles everyone and some key updates to Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and...

In the news this week, Twitter users fear changes to their Feed, House of Fraser’s #Emojional Campaign baffles everyone and some key updates to Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Periscope.

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An important update to Snapchat

Snapchat has now made it possible for its media partners to deep link to their Snapchat content. This gives them the ability to get more people to view their content (which is the main aim of the game considering most content disappears after 24 hours).

Additionally, Snapchat users now also have the option to share their Snapchat URL, making the process of finding friends/people a whole lot easier compared to before. These updates should make content-sharing and connecting much simpler and consistent, so we expect usage to increase.

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Facebook alters our News Feeds

Facebook is changing its algorithm once more in an attempt to refine the content in user’s timelines and make what we see more relevant and interesting. These changes come after Facebook surveyed thousands of users asking them about their day-to-day experience of the network. Importantly for marketers and page owners, this change could result in a reduction in referral traffic. Mashable UK noted that Facebook software engineers, Cheng Zhang and Si Chen, advised against call to actions, such as clicking in posts, to avoid negative changes to referral traffic.

Twitter updates, #RIPTwitter and a possible storm ahead

Twitter is continuing to implement changes to its platform and hopes that one of its latest changes will make following conversations on Twitter easier. Now, when you click on a tweet, it will appear in its own pop out window with any replies shown underneath. This function allows you to keep your place on the timeline, which should make navigation of the network (especially to newcomers) a lot easier. Twitter’s loyalists were not impressed (see above). It seems witter continues to struggle to find the right balance with the changes it’s making.

In other Twitter related news, #RIPTwitter has been trending recently following the reaction of an article Buzz feed posted, suggesting that Twitter were soon to introduce an algorithm-driven feed this week. CEO, Jack Dorsey, moved quickly to quash these rumours (below), although he didn’t fully put to bed the idea of algorithmic driven feeds. The Verge predicts that if Twitter eventually introduces algorithmic tweet feeds it will only effect occasional users of the app – click here for the full explanation.

House of Fraser confuse everyone.

The #Emojional Campaign, which trended last Monday, saw retailer, House of Fraser, post a number of tweets that baffled it’s followers. The Emojional campaign was apparently launched in an attempt to connect with their younger audience. Tweets about Harry Styles Birthday, Kim Kardashians bottom and Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner’s night out were just a few in a series of seemingly bizarre tweets.

A spokesperson confirmed to City AM that they “wanted to try something less traditional for Valentine’s Day this year in order to engage with a younger audience”. It’s unclear how successful this #Emojional has been, but what is clear is that widespread confusion was caused.

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Periscope and GoPro strike up a partnership

Periscope has partnered up with GoPro in a deal which will allow any owner of a GoPro Hero4 to broadcast directly to Periscope. Scopers (Periscope users) will now have the ability to toggle between their phone camera and the Hero 4, which will add an extra dimension to their streams. It’ll be interesting to see if any brands take advantage of this new function.

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60 second videos for Instagram

Instagram will now allow advertisers to post 60 second videos, which is double the amount of time previously available. This move will please brands, especially ones that have plenty of creative resources to hand. This will also enable some brands to double-up the usage of their TV ads by posting them to the picture app.

Fortunately, users can still scroll past these videos, at least for the time being. Nevertheless this will help to appease the appetite of brands wanting to advertise and will, no doubt, increase the popularity of Instagram among advertisers.

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