Social Round-up: Twitter launches timeline algorithm, Instagram adds a video counter and Snapchat wins the Super Bowl.

In social media news this week: Twitter has launched it's timeline algorithm (while user numbers fall), Instagram is introducing a video views counter and we look at Snapchat's...

In the news this week, Twitter launches it’s timeline algorithm (while user numbers fall), Instagram is introducing a video views counter and we look at Snapchat’s Super Bowl success.

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Twitter’s users falling in number?

Twitter’s recent fourth quarterly report was a disappointment for the messaging platform as it saw monthly user-base stagnate at 320 million users and, actually, if you exclude SMS users (known as SMS Fast Followers) this figure would drop to 305 million, 2 million fewer than last quarter, suggesting that monthly users are in decline.

This news comes despite Twitter launching its new feature, “Moments”, which aims to drive the platform back into the mainstream. Twitter will hope that it’s recently launched algorithmic timeline, which pushes ‘recommended’ tweets to the top, will positively impact on user uptake.

Changes to how we reply on Twitter

Twitter is going to change the way user reply to tweets in order to make the app more appealing and less complicated for potential news users and less savvy users of the app. No one is yet sure what the changes will look like but TechCrunch wrote “this, in theory, will at least address the “Twitter Canoe” problem”, i.e. when a conversation starts, people join in and before you know it, most of the 140 characters have been eaten up by @replying to everyone. It also pointed out that less clued-up Twitter users may struggle to tell the difference between “tweets” and “replies”, going on to say that “Twitter could give some obvious visual indication” to help users differentiate between the two. Twitter has so far struggled to implement changes without upsetting its hard-core fans, so we’ll wait to see if these changes cause uproar.

Twitter’s algorithm-driven timeline launches

A few days ago Twitter’s new algorithm-driven timeline hit some of our twitter feeds. At the moment this is only an opt-in option which is good news for Twitter users who were disgruntled by reports of this timeline change up that #RIPTwitter was trending last weekend.

However it is soon going to become an opt-out option, which is likely to be much more controversial among the ‘Twitterati’. As Twitter desperately tries to transform it’s fortunes and attract new users, it risks losing some of it’s most loyal users.

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Instagram to have count bar under videos

Instagram announced that “over the next few weeks” they’ll introduce a views count bar underneath videos. The picture app has slowly developed its video offering with the introduction of two apps, Hyperlapse and Boomerang, as well as the recent news that it’s 30 second video ads limit would be increased to a whole 60 seconds.

This latest development perhaps shows the intent that Instagram has to compete with the likes of YouTube and vine. This move is likely to impress advertisers.

Snapchat wins the Super Bowl

According to the Los Angeles Times, Snapchat’s user numbers grew rapidly throughout 2015 with its 8 to 24-year-old base increasing by 56%, the 25- to 34-year-old user’s bracket grew and astonishing 103 percent and its over-35 user base grew 84 percent. To cap a good year, Snapchat had a really successful Super Bowl 50 as some majorly big brands got on board to advertise on the increasingly successful app.

Taco Bell, General Electric, Pepsi, Coke, Marriot and EA were just some of the big names who took to Snapchat during the Super Bowl. MarketingLand’s Nick Cicero’s favourite use of Snapchat was Gatorades sponsored lense in which people could give themselves Gatorade baths. According to the company the lense was viewed 100 million times which is fantastic reach and a lot of spilt Gatorade

In contrast, it wasn’t to be Twitter’s or Facebook’s Super Bowl this year. The amount of tweets about the big game were down 25% however there was a silver lining as it’s reported figure of 4.3 billion impressions meant that this was a gain of 72% compared to last year.

Facebook saw a drop in 65 million social interactions down to 200 million which was also a 25% drop compared to 2015. The number of Facebook users responsible for these social actions were down 8% a drop of 5 million making this a good Super Bowl for Snapchat and bodes well for its future.

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