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Last week saw an amusing, engaging, surprising and sometimes shocking interaction between Tesco Mobile, Yorkshire Tea, Jaffa Cakes and other well-known UK brands. At its peak the conversation...

Last week saw an amusing, engaging, surprising and sometimes shocking interaction between Tesco Mobile, Yorkshire Tea, Jaffa Cakes and other well-known UK brands.

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At its peak the conversation included big brands like Cadbury’s and Walker’s crisps and became a humorous interaction on the matter of whether Jaffa Cakes are biscuits or cakes, it transcended to the States where the global thread had consumers and other businesses applauding @TescoMobile @RealJaffaCakes and @Yorkshiretea for a #geniusconvo

This is a post by Carolyn Blunt; social customer service expert, founder of Real Results Training Consultancy and co-author of ‘Delivering Effective Social Customer Service’ – here she talks about how a good listening strategy can help you maximise opportunities for marketing and customer engagement. Carolyn will be speaking in our webinar on the 12th December.

Having interactive and engaging conversations on social media has long been recognised as a “must do” for brands and businesses that are serious about cultivating customer loyalty. But how does this kind of interaction really portray them and are there genuine business benefits?

This is a really good example of brands interacting with their customers and collaborating with other brands to create even more positive sentiment and even higher levels of customer engagement.

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I would like to know who is the community manager behind these tweets and whether they were in a customer service or marketing function – and whether they work closely with other departments? One Agenda, between departments, is a huge theme in mine and Martin Hill-Wilson’s book ‘Delivering Effective Social Customer Service.’’ Yorkshire Tea are a great example of a brand with a brilliant listening strategy – their monitoring had picked up keywords in this conversation, and respond to a mention of their brand with a ‘You Rang?’ comment – a brilliant and timely piece of social media engagement.

Creating this kind of engagement requires a great strategy from the outset, my three top tips:

  1. Use a good listening tool to pick up any mentions of your brand that aren’t specifically directed at you, as Yorkshire Tea did, so you don’t miss out on great conversations.
  2. Empower your agents to be able to have fun with customers that are instigating fun and allow these sorts of conversations to evolve in a tone that you have agreed is appropriate. Train your agents/community managers to use the right tone, to respond in the right way to negative feedback and not be afraid to be funny, likeable and, if appropriate to your brand, a little bit cheeky. I’m talking more about this on a webinar with Our Social Times on 12th December 2013.
  3. If a conversation, tweet or piece of content is going viral don’t be tempted to take it off the original social customer service agent and have a marketing manager take it over. Let the agent continue to have the conversation with the same wit, personality and speed that they use; but sit with them and cast a quick eye over the tweet before they hit ‘post’ so no-one gets too carried away in the #sugarrush!

Carolyn will be speaking at our upcoming webinar (12th December, 3pm GMT), 10 Ways to Measure Social Customer Service. Find out more about the webinar here and register for a free place here.

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