The #smm13 Story – Part 1

Last Thursday we hosted our biggest event of the year - Social Media Marketing 2013. Our fantastic speakers covered everything from content marketing to influencer marketing, social video...

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Last Thursday we hosted our biggest event of the year – Social Media Marketing 2013. Our fantastic speakers covered everything from content marketing to influencer marketing, social video to using humour on Twitter. Read on for our key takeaways from the day, part 1…

Avoiding Crap – 5(ish) Ways to Succeed at Content Marketing

Doug Kessler, Velocity Partners

  • Content marketing has gone mainstream, and therefore crap – ‘The B2C Bastards are eating B2B’s lunch’
  • Give your audience goodies
  • Aim for home runs – be inspired from all areas, steal (but from far away)
  • Head + Heart = Home Run

Making Social Central – 10 Ingredients from the Integrated Campaigns Cookbook

Dr Dave Chaffey, Smart Insights

  • Think about the goals of your content – to educate, inspire, convince or entertain?
  • Use the Content Marketing Matrix
  • Deliver value in your campaigns

The Yorkshire Tea Train

Dom Dwight, Yorkshire Tea

Yorkshire Tea wanted to spark a more pro-active interest in tea, they invited influencers and fans on a trip on the Orient Express to garner attention from PR, press and then consumers. Some highlights from the campaign:
  • Staff were invited, to be ambassadors, they found the tea tasters and buyers were their biggest advocates – they talked passionately about tea and this inspired those on the tea train.
  • Mentions increased, engagement increased and Yorkshire Tea trended
  • Looking deeper – the values of Yorkshire Tea as a British brand were strengthened – they communicated their ethics and committment to quality.
Read more on Dom’s talk in Jemima Gibbon’s blog post here

What’s Really Behind Facebook’s Competition Rule Changes?

Richard Jones, EngageSciences

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  • The recent changes to competition rules – allowed in newsfeed
  • Good but also not all positive – can’t capture data and difficulties with terms and conditions
  • Hashtags will become important on Facebook – they align them with other networks
  • Richard also talked about using your website as a social hub – display your social content, to spark engagement, and ‘social activation’ meaning your audience feels more connected to you as a brand.

Precision B2B Lead Generation

Katy Howell, Immediate Future

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  • 93% of the most effective B2B content marketers cite lead generation as their goal, compared to 63% of their least competitive counterparts.
  • Challenges – deluge of crap content (going back to Doug’s point), lack of time and resources, capturing quality leads
  • What to do? Target (segment and align), Purpose (what is the goal of your content?), Sharpen (test your content, learn from the results)
  • Lead generation comes from a pinpoint focus on social content 

Social Media Engagement- Customer Service or Relationship Marketing?

Jemima Gibbons, Social Media Strategist

Bian Salins, NOW TV; Georgina Lewis, Microsoft; Marc Smeed, Sentiment

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We’ve seen the rise in the popularity of social media as  customer service vehicle, driven by consumers. But brands sitll want to drive engagment and marketing campaigns usigin social – how can these two mix? Our panel discussed, some key points:

  • Bian Salins, NOW TV – keep your consumers needs in mind, what do they need, and what do they like to hear about?
  • Help consumers by solving common problems relating to your product or industry, give advice
  • Georgina Lewis, Microsoft – you can’t control the customer journey anymore. Conversations about your brand are happening on social all the time. Try to be a part of the conversation too, not just driving messages to your audience.
  • Operationally customer service and marketing on social can be a challenge. at BT, Bian, went into the contact centre and pinpointed staff who had the right skills for social, and then trained them to be of their social team. Marketing, PR and customer service worked in a customer management team so the offering was ‘joined up.’
  • Use marketing principles in customer service. When BT had outages due to floods, they tweeted pictures of the flooded exchange, this created empathy about the situation and helped consumers understand what BT were doing.
  • Marc Smeed, Sentiment – monitoring customers comments can help drive product development and organisational change. By monitoring conversations, sentiment and popular themes brands can improve their offering.  


Thanks for reading part one of our #smm13 round up! Read part two here.


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