The Story of #Measure13 (part 2)

Last week we hosted Social Media Measurement & Monitoring, we’ve written part 1 of our round up and we know you’ve all been eagerly awaiting part 2 so here...

Last week we hosted Social Media Measurement & Monitoring, we’ve written part 1 of our round up and we know you’ve all been eagerly awaiting part 2 so here it is. Read part 1 one here if you missed it.

The Story of #measure13 - part 2


Panel at #Measure13

Discussion – Quality – The Forgotten Metric? Panelists: Luke Brynley-Jones (Host, Our Social Times), Sharon Flaherty (, Lutz Finger (Fisheye Analytics) and Robin Grant (We Are Social).

In the second discussion of the day, led by Luke Brynley-Jones, the panelists discussed whether quality of content has been forgotten amongst other metrics. Sharon Flaherty ( and Lutz Finger (Fisheye Analytics) made the first point that acting like a journalist is the key to quality – putting out well researched and verified content. Katy Howell (Immediate Future) counteracted this saying that a journalist’s skills are different to those of a social media manager who needs to think about understanding their audience too.

Robin Grant (We Are Social) moved the discussion onto quantifying quality – how can you quantify the quality of your engagement and interactions? It is about human interaction and therefore very difficult to accurately calculate. Lutz ended with the point that you need relevant content to trigger actions (sales, leads), quality is subjective but relevance isn’t.

Chris Sumner at #Measure13

Chris Sumner, Online Privacy Foundation – Predicting Dark Triad Personality Traits from Twitter Usage and a Linguistic Analysis of Tweets”

Chris talked us through his study exploring how you can determine anti-social personality traits (or psychopathy) based on Twitter use – in terms of language, usage and interactions. He talked through the ethics of such research and how some unsuitable evaluation measures are currently being used.

Andrew Bruce Smith, Escherman at #Measure13

Andrew Bruce Smith, Director, Escherman – Using Google Analytics to Measure the Direct and Indirect Value of Social Media 

Andrew explained how the default settings for Google Analytics bury social in referral traffic, and to analyse the value of social you need to define Goals.

Companies often see social as assisting in a sale or a lead, rather than what closes it, because searches bring people to their site, or so Google Analytics shows you. But what about what happened before? If you move away from focusing on the top line numbers you can see how social is an important investment.

And that’s a wrap! We also have some pictures from the conference below. Thank you again to all our fantastic speakers, our sponsors Sentiment Metrics and for all of our delegates for attending. See you at the next one! 

If you enjoyed seeing Andrew Bruce Smith’s talk, or missed out on the event, we’re holding a Half Day Workshop on Measuring Social Media with Google Analytics on the 17th April in London.

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