The Top 100 Banks on Social Media

The finance industry was slow to embrace social media, but the institutions that did take the plunge are reaping the benefits.

It comes as no surprise that businesses in the finance industry have been slower than most to embrace social media. They are confronted with meticulous regulations and the perceived risks associated with social media may be enough to deter some. However, many of those that have taken the plunge are reaping the benefits.

The Financial Brand and Social Media Examiner have recently produced the Power 100 rankings, which lists the top 100 banks and credit unions on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The rankings are based on accounts with the  most Facebook ‘Likes,’ the highest Facebook engagement rate, most Twitter followers, most tweets sent, most Twitter accounts followed, most YouTube video views and most YouTube subscribers.

By producing this list, The Financial Brand hopes to help those in the financial industry to identify and analyse the banks and credit unions with the best social media practices. It’s noticeable that there aren’t any UK banks in the top 10 (or anywhere near it), but congratulations to those who made the list (below).

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Top 10 banks:

  1. Chase (score of 2621)
  2. Capital One (score of 2364)
  3. ICICI Bank (score of 1763)
  4. E*TRADE Bank (score of 1578)
  5. BofA (score of 940)
  6. Citi (score of 878)
  7. Axis (score of 843)
  8. GT Bank (score of 841)
  9. Wells Fargo (score of 759)
  10. Commonwealth (score of 476)

Top UK banks:

  1. Barclays (score of 237)
  2. HSBC (score of 139)
  3. Lloyds TSB (score of 134)
  4. Standard Chartered (score of 108)
  5. Virgin Money (score of 98)
  6. First Direct (score of 61)

Top Credit Unions:

  1. Navy (score of 434)
  2. Thrivent (score of 145)
  3. Mountain America (score of 65)
  4. Credit Union Australia (score of 54)
  5. America First (score of 41)


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