Twitter introduces Periscope Producer

Twitter's live video service Periscope is no longer confined to smartphones, a move which opens up the tool's marketing potential.

Twitter Periscope Producer

Twitter has launched Periscope Producer, an add-on to its live video service that will open up the tool’s marketing potential for brands and media companies.

Since it launched early last year, Periscope could only be used on mobile phones. Questionable video quality, shaky footage and even the risk of a battery dying mid-broadcast restricted its appeal as a marketing tool.

But now Twitter is allowing selected users (initially at least) to share live broadcasts using external software via laptops or desktops, without a smartphone in sight.

If you have access to professional recording equipment – or even just a regular HD video camera – you’ll now be able to live broadcast product launches, press conferences, product demonstrations, live feeds from industry events… anything brand-related that can have a camera pointed at it.

Periscope Producer also enables companies to overlay graphics onto their videos, as well as running ads before or after their broadcast.

“Allowing people to create and share produced live video on Periscope has always been part of our vision and opens up new types of content for everyone to watch live,” said Kayvon Beykpour, CEO of Periscope.

“Periscope allows anyone to watch something with an audience, and now they’re able to watch daily shows, large and small-scale events and other live video with compelling content from creators they know and love. High-quality, produced live video can now be shared anywhere through a Tweet.”

The new feature will eventually be rolled out to everyone, but Twitter is currently accepting applications from interested organisations.

Early adopters include a range of high-profile brands who have already illustrated the marketing potential of Producer…

Periscope Producer: Early adopters

Louis Vuitton Periscope Producer
The company: Louis Vuitton
The broadcast: The fashion brand live-streamed a spring-summer fashion show at the Place Vendôme in Paris
Viewers: 613,364

Disney Periscope Producer
The company: Disney
The broadcast: A live Q&A with the cast of forthcoming movie Queen of Katwe
Viewers: 66,724

The FA Periscope Producer
The company: The Football Association
The broadcast: A live training session before England’s last qualifying match
Viewers: 21,336

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