Will Instagram’s Bolt be the new Snapchat?

Today Instagram has announced the launch of it's new messaging app 'Bolt'. The new app competing with the likes of Snapchat and Facebook's own Slingshot is designed to...

Instagram Bolt

Today Instagram has announced the launch of it’s new messaging app ‘Bolt’. The new app, which will compete with Snapchat and Facebook’s own Slingshot is designed to let you send one-tap photos and video messages to your friends.

Instagram Bolt

Instagram made the decision to start with a small launch rolling the app out in just 3 countries; New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore. When the app eventually arrives on UK shores, users will be able to sign up using their phone numbers without needing an email address. They can then add their friends to a list and start tapping to send photos and videos. Like Snapchat, messages will disappear once viewed and the app also include support for text captions. Users will have the choice to reply with text or photos.

It looks like Bolt has used a very similar app style to that of TapTalk, offering the ability to send one-touch photos and video messages by tapping a friend’s profile photo – these are all features that can already be found within Tap-Talk’s app.

Clearly there is a growing demand for these instant messaging apps. The advantage for Bolt is that they will be advertising the app within the Instagram platform and (for those who haven’t yet discovered apps like TapTalk) Bolt will satisfy their need for a very quick instant messaging service. If it hasn’t already, the rapid emergence of even more social instant messaging apps is likely to drive brands to re-think their communication channels in order to adapt to this new, mobile, social, instant messaging era.

While the concept behind bolt is not new, it’s certainly one to watch. 

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