Woo your prospects with content marketing [Infographic]

Marketing is a lot like dating; you wouldn't get down on one knee and propose after just one date, in the same way that you shouldn't ask a...

Marketing is a lot like dating; you wouldn’t get down on one knee and propose after just one date, in the same way that you shouldn’t ask a potential customer to “buy my stuff” the first time they find your website, Twitter profile or Facebook Page.

However, with the right kind of content you can charm your prospects, build trust and convert them into a happy customer that comes back for more.

The analogy between inbound marketing and the dating game is pretty watertight. This infographic from the team at Constant Contact brilliantly outlines the similarities – and includes some handy dating tips:

infographic-charm convert retain content marketing

Let’s take a deeper look at the mechanics of attraction and charm.


To attract potential customers, you need to get creative; produce relevant blog posts which solve your target audience’s real-world problems. Write original, thoughtful, challenging articles for high-traffic websites in your industry. It’s all about getting found and looking good.

You wouldn’t go to a cocktail bar wearing a manky old t-shirt, reeking of pork pies and expect the laws of attraction to work in your favour. So don’t post half-baked content. That means taking the time to craft well-researched, well-written content that dazzles your readers- you need to show you’re a great catch!


Once you have piqued your reader’s interest – and thrown away that old t-shirt – it’s time to take things to the next level. Creating high value, engaging content such as podcasts, white papers, reports and even a webinar.

Show your prospects who you are with a richer and more immersive experience, but be natural. Just like going on a cheesy charm offensive would creep out your date, content that’s obviously trying to convince your reader to open their wallet with obsequious marketing lingo is a stone-cold turn off.

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